Forms & Schedules

If you are not a current TEACH participant, you will need to complete and submit the Membership Registration on Homeschool Life and follow the Criminal History and Child Abuse Clearance requirements found in the instruction letter below as a starting point to access our programming. These are the basic forms for TEACH membership. Annual membership dues are $30 and include a subscription to CHALC’s Scrawls newsletter. Please send your clearances and the annual membership fee to: TEACH PO Box 296, Adamstown, PA 19501.

Current Volunteer Clearances Instruction Letter

**Once you are a TEACH member, you may access specific programming.**

To Join the Bethany Grace Co-op:
Please use our online co-op registration form to register for the upcoming semester’s classes- class descriptions are found below. You must send your $15 facility fee (checks made out to TEACH) to: TEACH PO Box 296, Adamstown, PA 19501 . You will pay your student’s class instructors directly on the first day of classes for each class you select.

Fall 2022 Course Descriptions