Forms & Schedules

On this page you can find TEACH’s schedules & forms for all our programs.

General Calendar:

2022 spring semester calendar


If you are not a current TEACH participant, you will need to complete and submit the Membership Registration and follow the Criminal History and Child Abuse Clearance requirements found in the instruction letter below as a starting point to access our programming. These are the basic forms for TEACH membership. Annual membership dues are $30 and include a subscription to CHALC’s Scrawls newsletter. Please send your clearances and the annual membership fee to: TEACH PO Box 296, Adamstown, PA 19501.

Current Volunteer Clearances Instruction Letter

**Once you are a TEACH member, you may access specific programming.**

To Join the Bethany Grace Co-op:
Please use our online co-op registration form to register for the upcoming semester’s classes- class descriptions are found below. You must send your $15 facility fee (checks made out to TEACH) to: TEACH PO Box 296, Adamstown, PA 19501 . You will pay your student’s class instructors directly on the first day of classes for each class you select.

Fall 2022 Course Descriptions

Medical Release:

2022-2023 Medical Release Form

2020-2021 TEACH Sports Forms:

Fall 2022 Soccer Registration

Girls 13+ Soccer Registration

2021-2022 TEACH Sports Forms:

Juniors Basketball Registration 21-22