Cell Groups & Field Trips

Summer Field Trips with The Forest School
Forest School
family woods hike

Cell Groups

Cell Groups are collections of TEACH families who gather for fellowship, field trips, service projects and other non-academic activities. Cell Groups usually meet in members’ homes once a month. Annual activities- including picnics and ‘Moms Nights Out’- are planned in June. Leaders are parent-volunteers.

Circle of Friends, Circle of Support

Cell Groups can be centered around location, a special interest (scouting, gaming, Legos, etc.) or age group. As with all TEACH programs, families can select programs that meet their needs- there is no requirement that Cell Group members also attend co-op.

At this time, TEACH has one cell group meeting monthly in New Holland. 

The best way to become involved with a Cell Group is to complete a TEACH Membership Registration and then to contact our Cell Group Leader, Samantha Hanks, teachcellgroups@gmail.com.