Cell Groups & Field Trips

Field Trip

Planned trips to come- stay tuned!

Cell Groups

Cell Groups are collections of TEACH families who gather for fellowship, field trips, service projects and other non-academic activities. Cell Groups usually meet in members’ homes once a month. Annual activities- including picnics and ‘Moms Nights Out’- are planned in June. Leaders are parent-volunteers.

Circle of Friends, Circle of Support

Cell Groups can be centered around location, a special interest (scouting, gaming, Legos, etc.) or age group. As with all TEACH programs, families can select programs that meet their needs- there is no requirement that Cell Group members also attend co-op.

At this time, TEACH has one cell group meeting monthly in New Holland.

The best way to become involved with a Cell Group is to complete a TEACH Membership Registration and then to contact our Cell Group Coordinator, Faith Horst, 717-392-9050 or rcfyhorst@dejazzd.com.

Sunday, September 13: Family picnic at the home of Ryan and Janelle Horst!